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The Medical IntuitiveA Medical Intuition evaluation can provide invaluable information as to issues of the physical body, but can also identify mental and emotional factors that act as direct contributors to health issues. Medical Intuitives do not diagnose disease. Instead of labeling a disorder, a Medical Intuitive can identify the location of inflammation in the body, evaluate the health of a gland or organ or validate a strong emotion that is impacting health. Many times, a Medical Intuitive can identify imbalances within the body long before it fully manifests as disease.

Medical Intuition is a complex blending of both modern science and esoteric religion, both of which provide a vocabulary and conceptual framework from which a medical intuitive works. These concepts help the practitioner explain and clarify what is being seen, felt or experienced on energetic levels. A solid understanding of the form and function of the physical and energetic bodies is also critical to this work.




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